The Business Behind the Brazilian Carnival


The focus of this article is how different businesses profit from the Brazilian Carnival. It gives you some ideas on how you can indulge in this huge event while earning money!


The Culture and Business of Christmas in the BRIC Countries

Christmas SALE

No event brings culture and business closer together than Christmas.

Despite being a Christian event, about 80 percent of non-Christians participate in some kind of explicit Christmas holiday.

If every person in the 2.5 billion BRIC population spent 50 additional dollars on Christmas, this would generate around 120 bn USD in revenue (around the GDP of Hungary).


Opportunities in the Rusian Construction Industry


The construction sector is one of the areas which seems to be always mostly affected from financial crises, including the current one. And this has been the case with most developed economies. As in numerous others cases however, its impact in the construction industry of the BRICs has been much less-if any. And Russia is no exception.


Crisis in India: Do the upcoming elections hold a solution?

Map with a marker that points to India

India is in a dire need of economic reform. GDP growth has slowed down, inflation is extremely high and the currency has been on a free fall this year. As the INR’s nose dive indicates, investor confidence is extremely low as the world awaits a policy solution to India’s ailments. With the general election scheduled […]


BRIC Cloud Computing Market: Which Startups to Invest in Russia?


As suggested on a previous article BRIC countries are gaining pace in cloud computing. Among all of them, Russia’s market of cloud services is the least mature and offers enormous potential for growth. The analytical agency, Gartner, sees Russia as leading market adopter with over 50% of enterprises converting their IT infrastructure into cloud by 2015.